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Saving Grandma's Antique chair!

Chair was upholstered by someone who did not retie the seat springs!

The cover was in needle point and would be destroyed if I tried to remove it!

When a  needle  point is  installed and   stapled  down the upholster cuts off

the  extra  fabric and glues  gimp  over  the staples,  if the fabric is removed

it  will  fray  apart  and be  useless!  So I have to  repair the springs from the

 bottom, removed three sets of webbing,  ( Should be only one set of webbing)

all the seat  springs just feel out on the floor.  I cut the seat cushion from the

 bottom and vacuumed out the old kapok, a new cushion will be inserted from

 the  bottom restoring the  shape of the cushion. I cannot  tie the  seat springs

from the  bottom correctly, so I made a  frame insert of oak that fit inside the

frame from the bottom, webbed  this frame and insert the10 inch seats springs.

The  springs  were  held down with  clinches, cotton was put under springs to

suppress  noise and  springs were  eight way tied  correctly. This frame  and

springs  when installed  will react   just  like the chair did  in the beginning,

but will be 3/4 inch smaller then the original frame! 

Sounds easy!!   Three hard days work!









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