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Taffeta  A fine, plain tabby weave fabric, usually with a sheen on its surface.

Tapestry  A heavy jacquard fabric usually multicolored.  Warps and filling very tightly woven.  The designs vary from traditional to contemporary.  Used for upholstery only.

 Taslan  Soft, fluffy yarn.

Toile De Jouy   A floral or scenic design usually printed on cotton or linen.   Originally printed in Jouy, France, the fabrics were printed in single colors from engraved copper plates, the designs were characterized by classic motifs beautifully engraved and finely colored,  Today, some are multicolored.

Tufting  Yarn hooked by needle into fabric structure usually at a very high speed developed initially for carpeting.  Recently developed for upholstery fabrics.

Tussah  Sometimes called "Wild Silk".  It is the product of the uncultivated silkworm- more uneven, coarser and stronger than true or cultivated silk.  Tussah takes dye poorly and is therefore often woven in its natural color, which ranges from ecru to dark brown.  Considerable color variance within each length is not unusual and is considered an intrinsic characteristic of the fabric.