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Sateen  A highly lustrous fabric usually made of mercerized cotton with a satin weave.

Selvage  Narrow edge of woven fabric (warp direction) usually of  stronger yarns or denser construction than body of cloth.

Series  Those numbers indicating a pattern or various colorways, i.e. , 5300 to 5399.

Shantung  A cousin to Satin.  The differences lies in the use of yarn of varied thickness which gives the fabric a nubby texture.  It is also known as Antique Satin.

Shuttle  The boat-like device which carries the filling yarn wound on the bobbin which sets in the shuttle from a shuttle box on  one side of the raceplate of the loom, through the shed, and into a shuttle box at the other side of the loom.  Filling interlaces with the warp yarns to make weaving possible.

Silk  The only natural fiber that comes in a filament form; from 300 to 1,600 yards in length as reeled from the cocoon, cultivated or wild,  When the silkworm begins its spinning, two filaments are emitted from the "silk ducts" which are covered by SILK GUM or SERICIN from the sacks before they come from the mouth.  As the liquid is emitted by the silkworm, it solidifies on contact with the air.  A single filament is called BRINS.  The two filaments are by this time cemented together by the silk gum or sericin.  A solidified  filament is called FIBROIN  or SILK.  The two filaments joined together produce what is known as the COCOON TREAT or BAVE.

Spinning  This final operation in yarn manufacture consists of the drawing, twisting, and winding of the newly spun yarn onto a device such as a bobbin, spindle, cop, tube, cheese, etc.  Spinning requires great care by all operatives involved.  Mule and ring spinning are the two major methods today, and in addition to being spun on  these methods, worsted yarn is also spun on the cap and flyer flame methods of producing finished spun yarn.

Strie  Said of cloth which has irregular stripes or streaks of practically the same color in the background.  Each yarn in the motif is dyed a solid color, runs in the warp direction of the goods, and produces a mottled effect.

Strike Off  The term used to refer to the first run of a new pattern or style.

Synthetics  Man-made, scientifically produced fibers used in many fabrics.  Some types of synthetics are: rayon, nylon, polyester, and fiberglass.