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Panne  A satin-faced , velvet or silk material named from the French for "plush", which has a high luster made possible by the tremendous roller-pressure treatment given the material in finishing.

Piece Goods  Finished goods in a saleable state.  Pieces generally run 50 or 65 yards.

Pilling  Formation of fiber fuzz balls on fabric surface by wear or friction.

Plisse  A fabric with a crinkled or puckered effect, generally in the direction of the warp, which is created either by tension weaving or through the application of a caustic soda solution which shrinks part of the yarns on the back of the cloth.

Pocket Weave  A jacquard  double -layered fabric with several warps.  The design is created with both warps and fillings.

Polished Cotton  A plain weave cotton cloth characterized by a sheen ranging from dull to bright.  Polish can be achieved either through the weave or the addition of a resin finish.  Can be a solid color, usually piece dyed or printed.