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Matelasse  A jacquard fabric woven with heavy "stuffer" filling yarns to create a puffed quilted effect.

Merino  1. The highest, finest and best wool obtained anywhere in the world,  This fiber is used only in the best woolen and worsted fabrics, billiard cloth, etc. 2. In knitting underwear fabrics the term implies garments made from yarns spun with a mixture of wool, not necessarily merino in type, and cotton, all in varying blend percentages.

Miravel Machine  Developed by Milliken & Company for manufacture of high pile velvets.

Mohair  Comes from the Angora goat, one of the oldest animals known to man.  It is two and one half times as strong as wool and outwears it.  Comes from South Africa, Western Asia, Turkey, and California, Oregon, and Texas in this country, with Kerrville, Texas, the center of the industry in America.  Foreign mohair is nine to twelve inches long and allowed a full year's growth before shearing.  California and Texas mohair are shorn twice a year since the fibers would fall out if allowed a one hear growth.  Uses include fancy dress goods, felt hats, linings, plushes, and in blended yarns for use in men's and women's suiting fabrics.

Moire  Base cloth must be a faille.  A finis achieved with engraved rollers which press the design into the fabric, causing the crushed and uncrushed parts to reflect light differently (called "Water-Marked").  Sometimes it is done with fabric folded the length of the goods- leaving a center crease-more often folded with a crease on the width of the goods and fabric cut at this fold eliminating a center crease.