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Haircloth  A very stiff wiry cloth made with a single horsehair filling, usually on a cotton warp.  The width of the fabric is determined by the length of the horsehair in the filling.  No more than 26"wide, as width is determined by length of horse's tail.  A plain, satin, leno or dobby weave.

Harness  The frame of a loom upon which the heddles used in weaving fabric are placed.  Warp threads are drawn through the eye of the heddle, which moves up and down as the shuttle with filling yarn flies by.  The movement of the heddle determines the pattern.

Heat Transfer Printing  The technique of printing fabrics by transferring a printed design from paper to fabric via heat and pressure.  It's derived from the art of decalcomania which is the process of transferring pictures or designs from special prepared paper to other materials such as glass.  HTP paper is the starting point for heat transfer printing.  Transfer printing is used mainly on fine knit fabrics and lightweight fabrics and is rapidly gaining in importance in textile circles.  Also being used by apparel makers on parts of garments to enhance their fashion appeal.

Herringbone  A broken twill weave composed of vertical sections which are alternately right hand and left hand in direction.  Also called chevron weave, especially when arranged in wide stripes.