E. R. Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          


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Removal of all fabric.


Corner blocks all had to be glued and clamped.


Old gimp was on wood and had to be removed and cleaned .


Cleaned old gimp and glue, gimp will be installed in the cut area not on the top rail!!


Almost all joints had to be glued and clamped.


Corner blocks were glued and  pilot holes drilled and wood screws installed for strength.


Love seat had 3*1*18 wood rail in spring area. cut new drop rail, now you won't feel a board when sitting on  seat.


Install webbing, notice the number of springs, see added springs in next picture.


You can see new dropped rail . I set the old rail and spring in to show how high it was.


All springs are 8 way tied ( notice each naught is tied, not looped over the springs.



\Webbing installed on chair.


Notice the extra spring in the middle of the seat. Seat 8 way hand tied.


Fabric being installed. Completed furniture.


Notice the pattern matches on each piece of furniture.

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