E. R. Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          


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Makeup table was first covered in cream fabric, then European fabric, and now in a stripe and pattern fabric!


Frame was in excellent conditions for years of use! Frame is made from #1 clear pine. All fabric removed!


Pinning fabric to keep it aligned before stapling it. Sewed skirt with plain lining and installing it on frame. Installed plain welt on top fabric.


 I stapled blind curvies that will hold the top fabric when tucked in. Sewed pleated pattern to be installed on doors.  


Stapled pleated fabric next to top welt, then stapled cardboard tack strip to hold the fabric straight. installed cotton padding then tucked fabric into curvies.


After tucking fabric into curves I bent it down and hammered it closed. There will not be any staples showing with this method.


The make up table did not have any fabric on the back or in the drawer bottoms originally!


Original stool.

The customer has the original beveled glass which matches the top of the make up table and will protect the fabric!


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