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Unfortunately these zigzag springs were cut and installed incorrect!


This spring was just cut off a continuous roll of spring and  the sharp end without

anyway for it to move in the no-sag clip, allowing the spring to cut into the fame

causing damage and noise! The second picture, the spring has the correct bending!


After removing the springs from the chair, they were placed in a vice with a groove

in it to hold a spring .Then bent it using a hollow pipe to the desired bend.


Bending the spring. The flat area on the spring should be at least 1".


Installing the spring with my spring stretcher! Correct bend ready for the no-sag nails.

The correct distance between springs center's is 4". You will be installing

2" helical springs between them, and desired length of spring to side of frame.

Using helical coil springs keeps the zigzag springs in place during downward

movement and gives added support to the seat. This seat will support the weight

of 250 lbs person.


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