E. R. Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          

Installation out side arm of chair using ply grip!

Ply grip is made of a thin sheet of aluminum (light) or sheet metal (Firm)

formed to with holding points and has the ability to be installed straight or curved!

Here is a example of installing ply grip on a flat board.


Here is two pieces of fabric a sewed welt and a piece of ply grip.

The first piece of fabric is stapled down with Dacron under it.


The welt is stapled in place then the ply grip. This is a tool I made used to hammer the ply grip down! 


I made this with a 6" by 1/2" bar of aluminum. This pictures shows the correct placement of the ply

 tool when hammering. This will make sure that the staples and ply grip are down along the welt!


Use a regulator (ice pick) to tuck 5/8 " of fabric into the ply grip always going in

the same direction, the points will grip the fabric and keep it tight and straight!


Bend and hammer the ply grip closed, this next  picture is what your finished product

should look like. This is the fastest and best way to finish installing outsides on furniture.

I have hand sewed thousands of miles of seams on furniture, I could have saved hundreds

hours of time in my 64 years of upholstering furniture!!!


I have sewed the welt and installed on the outside arm. Next I stapled the ply grip next to the welts stitching thread.



Installed ply grip where needed and pounded it down  with the ply tool. Next I installed new

upholstering chip board to create a smooth surfaces. I always extend the chip board to the

finished edge of the ply grip. This will make a smooth edge when the fabric is tucked under it.


Installed Dacron sheet and side fabric on chair. Do this procedure on all sides and back of chair!

The Chair wings were straight, I cut the frame and angled the wings to give them little character!

Customer wanted 5 different colors and styles of fabric on these chairs.


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