E.R.Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering

Making patterns for 6 dinette chairs!


First I removed all the old fabric, polyfoam, and broken webbing. Installed new rubber webbing and 3034 H.R.foam. I glued a foam seat cushion

that was 2 inches bigger than the seat,  then cut the foam on the band saw 5/8 inch larger than the wood seat board. This 5/8 inch will support the

edge and give the seat edge a nicer look. Notice the fabric guides and center mark that will be used to install each new cover in the same position!


I used a piece of other fabric (saving fabric to be used) and stapled it to the seat  making a pattern, marking it as the board seat. This will give me

a guide line to staple each cover in the same position and not having to measure each corner and fabric position. On the template I drew center

 lines and folded the pattern in half to make sure each side and corner cut matched the other side and cut four seat patterns.


 After cutting the new fabric and sewing only the corners, I installed the cover using the center and side guide lines this made each seat fabric match

 all the other seats. But be careful  there were two seats larger the the others, so I had to do this again for the them.


Cut, sewed and installed bottom welts with same fabric and stapled cambric on bottom of seats.


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