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Upholstering a 1950 Daybed in progress! Now Completed!


Daybed front and side views before upholstering  Bought at GoodsFurniture Kewanee, Illinois. All corner blocks were loose!


Replaced bottom cardboard with 1/2 inch sanded one side 5 ply plywood, stained and lacquered. Replaced all corner blocks for better leg support!


Sanded all legs and wood trim. Drilled out screw holes, so I could insert tee nuts and machine bolts for better support!


Repaired legs and trim then finished sanding them. Drilled and fitted legs to frame. Installed  old wood supports on bottom ( they are there only

 for original looks) The wood blocks on the bottom of the frame are there until the upholstering is complete to protect the finished legs,


Zigzag springs were not straight, installed fabric to hold them in place,  they will move downward when the spring is pushed .  Tightened all

bolts and nuts, Put castle locking nuts on top  of all machine nuts in the daybed, they will never come loose again. Removed the loose wires

between the zigzag springs, replaced them with 20 3 inch helical springs, these will help keep the zigzag springs straight and get rid of the

 hole that was on one side of the daybed where the wires were bent and some broke. These springs will add additions support!


Straightened and secured all the upright wire supports in the back spring. Installed very strong fabric over the seat springs. Put layer of new

cotton over back spring and installed fitted burlap cover.


Hand sewed the burlap to spring edges to keep burlap tight when spring is pushed down. Stained and lacquered legs and wood trim.

Seat Spring was completely destroyed! (Replaced). All old cotton was replaced!


One spring was missing, made duplicate right side from edge mouse trap spring! This spring holds fabric over opening between back and seat unit!


Cover was sewed to burlap with button twine. Each button was tied with two pieces of button twine.


  Installed extra wood frame for insulation of seat dust cover.  Tested movement of outside back to make sure it will not rip when daybed is opened.


Installing chip board on outside back of  frame.              Daybed open.                    Side view.                     Back view.                             


Completed Daybed.

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