E.R.Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering

Restoration of antique  chair.


Before.                                   During.                                Completed.


Frame was completely destroyed for years of improper upholstering! They even cut of the front legs and left of the brass casters!




I had to cut all the fame off where you are supposed to attach the fabric with a band saw! Then I cut new wood

to replace them!


The frame fell apart when I remover the old upholstery fabric. I had to restore all the rails and repair all the legs.



I filled all the area where I had to install the fabric with wood filler. But there was not enough wood to properly

 staple the fabric and leave 1/2 inch space for the gimp to lay flat. I cut 5/8 inch wide strips of veneer 1/16 inch

thick and glued 12 layers of the veneer to make the inside staple area 12/16 thicker ,so I could install the gimp.


Both front legs were rebuilt and made to fit the new brass sleeves and casters.


New webbing was installed, springs were set in place, cotton was placed under each spring to stop any noise.

Springs were 8 way hand tied with jute twine. Place layer of cotton over springs, then burlap, rubberized hair

,, another  layer of cotton and more burlap. 


Seat and back areas were hand stitched around all edges.


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