E. R. Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          

Upholstering of two arm chairs to match!!!


After removing all the cotton, fabric and etc, I made corner block patterns and installed new corner blocks.


New corner block.                  All side rails were missing wood.                     Made new pieces and glued them.


Front legs had to have wood replaced and then re-glued.. All wood finish area was refinished!


New seat webbing was installed, and seat springs were places and clinched down. All springs were 8 way tied with jute twine.


Put layer of cotton over springs to stop burlap from chafing. installed new burlap and edge rolls and a 1 1/2 sheet of H.R.Foam.


Started installing cover, fabric pieces were cut to match seat of arm pads.

Double welts of same material was installed over any area that showed staples.




Notice that one chair has a taller back than the other! I was still able to match the patterns very close!!!!!!


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