E. R. Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          

Seat Marker           



Used 3/4 *1 1/4 * 15 inch long hard wood rail.

#1:             Cut top piece 2 by 1 1/4, Drilled a 5/16 hole 1/2 inch through the end of the piece.

#2:     Cut middle 7 by 1 1/4 inch. Drilled a 5/16 hole 1/2 inch through the top end of the piece

 and cut a relief slot down the middle of it 3 inches. Then 1 1/2 inch on  the slotted side end,

drilled a 5/16 inch hole through the side and inserted a   5/16   inch tee nut with a 5/16 inch

machine bolt though that hole and turned the bolt in to the  tee nut to tighten the pencil when

all is assembled. Now 5 inches from the slotted end in the center of the board drill a 1/4 inch

hole and insert a 1/4 inch dowel pin with 3/4 inch exposed. This dowel pin will keep the tool


#3:  Cut bottom board 6 inch long, use a 1/4 inch router to cut a slot as in the picture and 

round the end as in the picture. cutting this end will allow you to get into tight corners

when marking a frame a or dinette seat bottom.  


When I have 4 or more dinette seats to upholster, I make one pattern fit exactly, then mark the bottom fabric as I did

 to the wood frame     (leaving 1 inch over the seat frame edge).      I then remove the pattern and cut on the marked

line,  when installing the covers there is not any measurements to be made just line the edge of the fabric on the line

drawn on the bottom of the seat and staple it, all the seats covers will match exactly.



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