E. R. Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          

Rubbing webbing tool


2 inch width 12 inch long and 3/4inch thick piece of hard wood. Cut the  two slits with table saw,

these cuts were made so I can put the rubber webbing through them. And then round the bottom end.


Weave the webbing for strength.  put the webbing through the two slits in the wood tool and roll the end

over the top of the tool to secure the webbing from slipping out of the tool. Place the cut end with rounded

edge of the seat and rowel the tool down.




Stretch  the webbing down and then staple it securely. Leave about 5/8 inch past the staples and cut it.

Then fold the webbing back over itself and staple it again.      This will stop any elastic strands from

from stretching loose.


On this particular job the customer wanted the seat area to give a lot!

Normally we use the brown seat webbing which is extremely  strong.



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