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 Frame Glue Air Gun!  1988     



Disassemble the grease gun!        Remove the items on the drive Part!      First drill down the center of the hole with a # N drill then

a # O drill to make a smooth bore! The reason for this is to make the clearance needed for the brass  sleeve you will install on the

 rod that pushes the glue through the gun when the trigger is engaged.( glue is water based and the first gun I built

corroded and I  have to hammer it apart!!!! )


I got a 5/16 brass tube from the hobby shop, then epoxy  the tube over the existing metal shaft, this will make a very close tolerance

when it pushes the glue out! I also bought two other brass tubes,OD.0.61 and OD 0.94 inch and a 1/4 brass fitting to make the needle.

Drilled a 0.94 hole in the brass fitting and inserted a 1.25 inch .94 tube then inserted a 2.25 inch .61 tube inside the first, then soldered

them like you would a copper pipe fitting. The grease gun comes with a one-way valve, reinsert it into the drive part and screw the needle

 assembly into the one-way valve, when the glue is pushed out through the needle the valve will close allowing the retracting shaft to draw

the glue from the glue reservoir. (Make the brass 5/16 sleeve the same length as the shaft, any longer will close the reservoir hole.)



Completed Needle. Next buy a 2 inch piece of PVC pile and a end cap. I heated the drive part and screwed the 2 inch PVC into it and

 makes the threads to hold the reservoir body.


They only had a cap with threads so I removed the threads so it would fit over the PVC pipe.


I drilled a hole in the cap then tapped it with a 1/4 pipe tap. Removed the air vent from the bottom of the gun and filled that hole.


Then put it in the cap.   Insert your type air fitting in the bottom. Reassemble the gun!


This may seem like a lot of trouble to make this tool, but you just drill a 1/16 hole in a joint , insert the needle and pull the

trigger and the glue fills the dowel pin hole and  the joint with glue without having to break the joint apart when it is loose!

You can just clamp the joint or drill a counter sink hole and insert a screw which will pull the joint together! It used to take

about three hours ( hoping I would not split or brake anything) to take apart a frame and  glue and reassemble the frame

 and clamp it. Now I can complete it in less than 30 minutes. Keep in mind that glue will set up in 24 hours or less, I clean my

gun at the end of the day! It only takes me about 5 minutes and is well worth the time.

 And for added strength cut a corner block and glue and screw it in!!!!!

You can get the grease gun at Harbor Freight for about $20.00 and the fittings, brass tubes and pvc for about $24.00 H.D.

If you want this glue gun made? The cost is $179.00 plus shipping!

email:  schroedersupholstery@yahoo.com


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