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Customer wanted to keep original finish so the chairs will match their table. We had to tape all the chairs to

 keep any glue from getting on the wood. The glue would leave spots and change the chairs appearance.


After stripping, all joints were inspected and glued if needed.             Installing rails for webbing support.


When we removed the corner block screws , the blocks fell off. Sanded corner edges and glued them back in place.


Glued all joints where needed. Installed new rails where webbing is to be placed on backs.


One chair after gluing. Installing rubber seat webbing. Sanding relieves all edges and stops fabric chaffing.


Inserting 1"of dense HR foam to bring seat to top of rail. Installed stretchy fabric to hold foam. Cut HR foam.


Made HR foam seat cushions. Rounded all top edges of foam so will not feel the edges. Secured seat by stapling draw strip.


Glued  HR foam(3/4" larger than frame). Started webbing backs of chairs.


Elastic rubber webbing installed. Glued HR foam to backs of chairs. Layer of Dacron so fabric will not chafe  foam.


 Cutting fabric from pattern we made. Fabric to be sewed to seat cover to go around posts.


Showing  sewing procedure of fabric around posts.


Finished sewing  of post area.  Sewing front edge of seat.


Fabric around posts was secured with thick twine pulled  to the bottom of the seat and tied. Back area around post.


Seat Fabric installed. .Procedure of making double welt with chair fabric. First sew welt to fabric then  roll fabric once,.


 then once again. Now sew down the middle of the double welt. Turn welt over and cut off extra fabric on side of sew line.


 Finished double welt. Welt being glued to frame with white glue then secured with #8 tacks until  dried and then removed.


Seats all completed with double welt installed. Cursive metal installed to hold fabric in place on tops of backs.


Finished around top of chair. Finished installing fabric on back of chair. Installing welt around outside back of chair.


Installing cursive blind metal around sides and bottom of chair back. Sheet of chip board with fabric stapled to top. Dacron installed.



Fabric is cut about 5/8 inch bigger then tucked under cursive metal and hammered shut.( better finish than hand sewing and quicker.)


Finished outside back of one chair. Only two backs to be completed.


Finished view of one side chair.

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