E.R.Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          

Here are some of the Tools  I have Made over the years, some procedures

    I have developed and things I have Learned. I hope you enjoy them!!!

New items added December 18,2015


  Instructions on making glue gun!          Side clamp for furniture!        Tool used to install rubber webbing!        Clamp used tighten joints on furniture!

       Frame glue air gun!             Center frame clamp!            Rubber webbing tool!        Adjustable wood clamp!

Imroved leather-webbing stretcher!         Dinette chair marker!        Making a pillow!          Making dinette chair  patterms!

           !Leather stretcher!                 Frame marker!              Making cushion!         Making dinette chair patterns!            

Sewing machine double welt I make 1964!       Using plastic to  shrink cushion!       Ply grip instalation!       Correct installation of zigzag springs!

      Phaff Sewing feet!         Shrinking cushion to fill case.!   Ply grip installation!         Zigzag Spring installation!

Making ply grip tools!

Making Ply grip sheets!

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