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Restoration of antique sofa!!


Sofa stripped of all fabric, installed back rail support.


Installed rail block, new webbing, wrong rope used on springs, needs jute spring twine only.


Secured springs to webbing and tied springs 8 way with jute spring twine.


Installed corner blocks.



Installed Webbing an burlap on frame, place hog hair on back.


Installed burlap over first layer of hog hair, the second of hog hair and cotton layer.


Hand sewed edges for support, used regulator to push through batting, then slid the  needle through easily

Note leg has an insert of plywood to help stop leg from cracking. This type leg is always broke with several repairs!

These legs have never cracked. I have never seen this in my 62 years of upholstering!!!


Cleaned brass leg covers, use bondo to secure the fit, inserted brass nails to hold them in.




Sofa completed and ready for delivery!!!

Customers other furniture will be posted!

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