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Upholstering  of 12 antique chairs contracted from Camarillo, Ca!


          Original chair                               Chair being stripped (only three springs).              Only one chair with correct amount of needed seat springs.(5)


Wood , where the fabric and springs will be attached, had to be repaired.


Chair stripped before wood repair.                          Covers made by Schroeder's to protect the refinishing during upholstering .


Protected back cover.                  Painters tape put on finished wood, so filler can be put on all chairs.


Filler dried and area was sanded smooth for gimp installation. One fourth inch of hard wood was installed where fabric is to be attached.


New webbing installed with 5 springs.     Springs are 8 way tied for strength with cotton under and on top of springs to suppress noise.


Installed new front corner blocks for strength and to hold webbing.     Straw was put through shredder.                  Straw before shredder.                  


Straw after shredding.                             Straw installed on layer of cotton to suppress noise and thin layer of dacron to hold straw.


Rubberized hair before shredding.                             Rubberized hair after shredding.                            Rubberized hair put on the chair seat.


A layer of cotton put over rubberized hair and fabric cover installed.   Edge was hand sewn twice to form and secure proper edge.


Customers fabric applied.                                            Extra fabric cut off. 


                      Area where gimp was needed is prepared.                             New gimp installed.                                         


First completed chair. All chairs are now completed!

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