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Before                      After


   Broken back rail.                                               Repaired back rail.


Seat before repair.      Missing back corner block.    New corner block.      Broken side rails.


Wings to be repaired.  Repaired and installed corner blocks.


Install new arm rails for strength.  Inside blocks for strength between back and bottom rails.


Replaced lose front corner blocks.        Clamped, glued and installed arm corner blocks.


Note front wood panel has 1/4 inch space.  Filled space so when panel is installed they will not crack.


Front springs attached to rail.      All new webbing with metal spring straps. (original system)


Spring twine not tied in knots, only looped! Corner springs installed and all twine tied with knots!


Back springs retied.                New burlap, cotton, and hair being installed.


Hair installed.        Top new cotton and burlap.       Rubberized hair picked and installed on arms.


Seat springs tied and new burlap,    Seltzer pad installed.      Edge roll installed and hand tied.


Fitting of HR foam seats.     Hand sewn front edge.                    Installing gimp and brass nails.  


Installed wood arm trim.     Arm tops.                    Finished view of  the side and front Sofa. 


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