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Reupholstering of a dinette Chair!


Old Seat.                                                     Old foam.


Old foam was loose when the cover was removed.    Removing old glue and foam.      


Sanding  removing all sharp edges.             Gluing  H.R. foam to wood seat.          


Band saw cutting excess foam (5/8 remains)     Foam is cut larger than seat wood.

Notice masking tape around wood, (to stop any splinters from fraying fabric). 


      Edge of foam 1/4 cut away.               Edge formed round with wire brush.


   Top edge of seat foam rounded.            Difference between old and new foam.

New foam has wood glued to them making that stack 1 1/2 inch taller.


Completed dinette Seat.                            Notice the Matching.

       Before the  new seat cover was installed, a piece of Dacron was glued to the

foam. Allowing the fabric to snap back and stop any foam chafing.              

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