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Restoration of six antique chairs contracted from San Francisco area!

Approximately 58 hours a chair!


Antique chairs stripped of fabric.                       All chairs just fell apart!        


 Legs were in two and three pieces.   Had to make special wood clamp

                                                   because of soft wood.


 Clamping legs.                                  After gluing and filling, I carved all legs

Finished Leg.                   Glued Leg.


Back legs were smaller than front.            Replaced wood on face and re-carved nose area.


Refinished head.                                                      Completed top of one chair.


    Every joint was taken apart and re-glued.      Back of chair showing new wood to hold fabric.


Chair before all new trim was installed.  Set of new trim just for one chair ( a lot of work).


Bottom of chair showing all corner blocks.       Finished chair ready for upholstering.

Then five more had to be completed!

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