E.R.Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstering          


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Sofa before upholstering.                                       Burlap and webbing falling down. 


Frame around arm to be completely restored.                    Leg cracked clean through.              


Sofa had old fabric still under existing cover.       Old seat spring unit to be completely replaced.

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Picture of John Coolidge in frame. (click on-clear picture)         Frame maker's markings from May Co. shop.


Cracked frame trim (glue and clamp frame to fix.)                Carved trim was missing from years of use.


  Filled in trim, re-carved and refinished.                      Replaced edge of leg with special hard filler.


         Filled in trim and re-carved.                               Replaced edge of flower with special hard filler.


                                Front leg area completed.                    There was not any center back legs to hold up frame.         


             Cut two new back legs from stock wood.            Carved and sanded  original back legs (usually plain).



Gluing frame and installing new legs.                         Frame rebuilt, gluing, stripping wood, staining,

                                                                             refinishing and installing new seat webbing. 


 Installed 9 ply veneer plywood to strengthen arms.           Installed 9 ply veneer plywood to strengthen arms.


     Had to replace all wood at back of arms.               Springs installed and 8 way tied with jute twine.


Springs 8 way tied, notice cotton under spring to suppress noise.        Cotton over springs so burlap will last.


                   Front edge sewed to match sofa curvature.         Rebuilt back. (notice wood not in previous picture.)        


               Installation of back springs and 8 way tied.               Cotton over springs so burlap will not wear through.


Rubberized  hog hair being installed on back then sewed.. Completed sofa with  gimp  around wood with brass nails


  Notice the matching of the fabric in these pictures.


All patterns are matched from all sides of the sofa!

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