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     When having  foam cushions refilled, you must tell us what is wrong with the cushions and how soft or firm you want them. The best way to select the density is to come into the shop and test the new items for yourself. When sitting in your chair or sofa you may bottom out or have a hard time getting up, most of the time your cushions need to be replaced. You can test the furniture by removing the cushion and pushing down on deck area. If the furniture is firm (will not go down more than 2.5 inches) then replace the cushions. If it really sags further, you may need to call an upholsterer!

     When refilling cushions, you must measure where the cushions set! All fabric, vinyl, canvas and leather shrink in time. We will cut the foam to fit the correct area and make the cushion refill fit better! Measure your  furniture before you  have the cushions replaced (front to back(C1,C2,C3&C4) and from side to side(T1,T2 &T3). The cushions height is not measured  by the front edge, but by the middle of the cushion (FH).



Process when filling a large seat cushion!  ( Scroll down page!)!)


Customer wanted firmer cushion than the department store sold! 12 inch Foam Cutter.


New cushion being cut from a 96 slab of foam! Notice the larger thickness of the new foam!


1 inch sheet of dacron was glued and hand sewed to new cushion! The cushion would have been very hard to insert,

we placed it in a thin plastic cover !


Vacuumed the cushion to shrink it, then inserted it into the cushions case and removed the hose. This allowed the cushion to expand

to it's original size and filling the cushion case and then removed most of the plastic. This method really works well when filling a

96+36+6 inch cushion.

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