Grandpa (Ray)             Ed &  Philip &  Grandpa             Parisane (my wife)  & I    

Ray Schroeder's Upholstery 1920-1978 Owner!

Edward R Schroeder apprentice and tradesman 1951-1964!

Schroeder's Interiors 1964-1968  Edward owner Napa Area!

Edward worked for Dad from 1968-1978 when he retired!

E.R.Schroeder's Upholstery  since 1978

 1-805-644-0624     6650 Crescent Street #14       Ventura California 93003

      Schroeder's Custom Furniture Upholstery relocated in 1955 from Cleveland, Ohio and has been serving local residents in the beach city of San Buena Ventura,  California ever since.

    The Schroeder family has been in the upholstering industry since 1920 when grandpa Ray Schroeder started his apprenticeship in Cleveland. Both sons followed in his foot steps, except for three years in the Navy for Phillip and four years in  the Air Force service for Edward. Phillip the older moved to Florida and continued in the business there. Edward married Parisane K Silver from Simi, then returned from the service (1964-1968) closing Schroeder's Interiors in the Napa area of California and returned to the family business in Ventura. Edward bought out grandpa Schroeder in 1978 when he retired. Edward moved the business to the new east side of Ventura in 1979. Moving greatly increased sales and visible coverage. ( that old saying location, location really is true).

    I went to Anacapa Junior High where Mr. Gayden taught me my wood working skills. At Ventura High School Mr. Manuel  taught me my metal skills. Went to Buena high School where I was very lucky to be in Buena's first graduating class of 1962 (link). The friends I met that year are still my close friends today! There I  was very lucky to have one of the greatest teachers ever, Mason Parrish (metal shop). He was there for me and my three sons (hot rod builders).  We all went to Buena! From there I went to Ventura College for 1 year, decided to enlist in the Air Force.

    I am proud to say that I have one of the best and well known furniture upholstering businesses in the City of Ventura. You can judge for yourself by looking at the work completed on the web site. The web site has increased the business tremendously. It has been up and running for about thirty years, with redirects from the domain names I own,,,,, and 

This web site, domain names and property will be sold with the business in the future!

My Big brother and I having family fun in Arizona!

He is 78 and I am 72!!!

Parisane and I are looking forward to our retirement in Arizona!

This the view through our dinette window during dinner there!


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