E. R. Schroeder's Furniture Upholstery   

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Home Page Chevron Fiber Generic Lampas Plisse Tapestry
Antique Lace Chintz Fiberglass Leather Pocket Weave Taslan
Armure Converter Fill or Filling Linen Polished Cotton Toile De Jouy
Barathea Converting Finished Goods Lisere Quilting Tufting
Batik Corduroy Finishing Llama Ramie Tussah
Blend Crewel Finishing Plant Loom Remnant Union Cloth
Block Printing Crocking Gingham Loom Actions Repp UrethaneUpholstery
Boucle Damask Glazed Matelasse Sateen Velour
Bourette Direct Print Greige/GrayGoods Merino Selvage Velvet
Brocade Dobby Haircloth Miravel Machine Series Vinyl Upholstery
Brocatelle Dobby Loom Harness Mohair Shantung Warp
Broche Douppioni HeatTransferPrinting Moire Shuttle Weaves
Calico Dyeing Textiles Herringbone Natural Fabrics Silk Wholesale
Carded yarn Faille Imberline Ombre Spinning Yarns
Cashmere Fiber Jacquard Ottoman Strie  
Cationic Fiber Base Jacquard Design Panne Strike Off  
Challis Fiber Content Knitting Piece Goods Synthetics  
Chenille Fabric Fiber Types Lamb's Wool Pilling Taffeta Home Page

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