E.R.Schroeder's Furniture Upholstering

Furniture Estimates:

     We   recommend  that you  visit our  sample  show room which is open to the public during business hours and select your fabrics first.  At that time we can give you an approximate estimate. We will need to know certain things about your furniture.

      You could bring in a picture or the item:   

   We need to know furniture sizes: height, width and length. Skirt height (for pattern matching).

   Does your furniture have a skirt: plain, pleated or sheared? If it has a skirt the upholster must check the carpet depth so he can install the skirt to the proper carpet height.

    Is there wood showing that needs to be refinished?

   Type fabric picked (plain or pattern) will determine the amount of yardage needed!

    Plain fabric labor will cost less than a pattern because it takes longer to match, cut and install matching fabrics.


    If you must have a in home estimate we recommend you come into the sample show room and choose the fabric first, it would be impossible  for us to bring all our samples to your home!

If there is to be any style or comfort changes please inform us at time of estimate! 


Cushion Refilling estimates

   When having  foam cushions refilled, you must tell us what is wrong with the cushions and how soft or firm you want them. The best way to select the density is to come into the shop and test the new items for yourself. When sitting in your chair or sofa you may bottom out or have a hard time getting up, most of the time your cushions need to be replaced. You can test the furniture by removing the cushion and pushing down on deck area. If the furniture is firm (will not go down more than 2.5 inches) then replace the cushions. If it really sags further, you may need to call an upholsterer!

      When refilling cushions, you must measure where the cushions set! All fabric, vinyl, canvas and leather shrink in time. We will cut the foam to fit the correct area and make the cushion refill fit better! Measure your  furniture before you  have the cushions replaced (front to back(C1,C2,C3&C4) and from side to side(T1,T2 &T3). The cushions height is not measured  by the front edge, but by the middle of the cushion (FH).




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