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Balck chair being upholstered!    furniture completed or delivered!     Black sofa being upholstered.




Matching Sofa


Before sofa fabric removal.                            Sofa during fabric removal.



                        Sofa frame being rebuilt.               Sofa frame being rebuilt. Notice new rails and corner blocks.



          New rails and corner blocks.                                Installation of new webbing and seat springs.

                                                                        Notice cotton under bottom of springs to silence spring noise.



                         All seat springs are installed.           All springs are eight way hand tied with Italian spring twine.

Notice the steel edge wire around all outside springs for strength.


                        Installed back and arm springs.             There is a layer of cotton between back springs and first  layer,

                                                                                     of burlap. This is to prevent back springs from wearing through

                                                                                       burlap during any movement.   Top back edge roll, hand made

                                               with rubberized hog hair and burlap.



   Top of inside back with more hog hair sewed in to keep top       Inside back hog hair is ready to have burlap installed

edge up. Hog hair is installed on arms and covered with  burlap.  over it. Another layer of burlap is installed and hand

                                                               sewed to the back springs.





Burlap is installed on the inside back. Seat springs are covered     Sofa color is jet black (picture was lightened to show    

with cotton, rubberized hair pad, cotton and then burlap. Edge    design). The bun legs were refinished from black to       

roll is then hand sewed on. Layers of cotton are added, then       colonial maple.                                                               

the fabric was installed.                                                                                                                                                  

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